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Rebellion is a dramatic thriller about a man out for justice for himself and his girlfriend, set in vibrant Cartagena,Colombia.


After a selfish commoner fails to protect his girlfriend from an assault by their malicious boss, he must find a way to reclaim his girlfriend's love and affection, as well as get justice for what was done to them - or die trying.




Rebellion is more than just a love story – rarely, if at all, have Afro-Latinos been depicted in a three-dimensional light and with the complexities of the characters of our film. Cidade de Deus (City of God) comes to mind as one contemporary exception. It was refreshing to see a film set in Brazil, home to the largest black population outside of the continent of Africa, employ a majority black cast. All too often black people in Latin America are portrayed either in a negative light, in a tangential, stereotypical role, or are not portrayed at all. Colombia has one of the largest black population in South America. This film is loosely based on the story of a song by a famous Salsero, Joe Arroyo, called "Rebelion". The song tells of a slave who leads a rebellion against his master who has beaten his bride-to-be.


Our story follows a young man named Israel who is selfish and manipulative. He is a typical con-man. His upbringing exposed him to a life that he may never be able to obtain, but he still longs for all that he doesn’t have.

Israel works at a small hotel with a woman he plans to marry, for the wrong reasons. Marìa Esmeralda (Emerald), is a hard-working and determined woman who takes care of her alcoholic sister and her handicapped niece. Emerald is close to executing her life-long plan of moving to the United States.  Israel loves her- but is surely not in love with her, and wants to use her to get to the US too. But unexpected events end up creating a divide between Israel and Emerald. When Israel is faced with making a decision that could change his life forever, he stumbles - still effectively changing his life forever. He then must ask himself “What can I do to right this wrong?”




Additionally, this film will act as a visual depiction of social and economic barriers affecting certain populations in Cartagena, Colombia. Moreover, it will explore the dynamics of the justice system between the "haves" and the "have-nots" and how the community of the proletariat can be stronger and more cohesive than that of the wealthier class. Rebellion asks the question “when you are wronged, how can you get justice if you are on the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder?”























The community of the Caribbean port city Cartagena, is full of music, food, and history. The people of the Caribbean coast are known as Costeños. They have a closer connection to their African and indigenous ancestry. In fact, the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Colombia are home to over 80% of the Afro-Colombian population. Not far from Cartagena, lies the town of San Basilio de Palenque, a city with roots dating back to the 16th century, when escaped slaves formed Colombia’s first maroon colony.  The town has managed to hold on to its African roots, customs and heritage. Israel is a product of both of these communities.  

Rebellion brings visibility to the black population of Colombia’s Caribbean coast and will engage viewers with a story of community, survival, and perseverance. Rebellion’s predominantly black cast will highlight the challenges and triumphs of members of a population that has all too often been marginalized, through characters whose complexities have never made it to the big screen.





Our aim is to maintain the authenticity of the culture, people, sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Cartagena. This vibrant and historic city is full of passion and energy and is the real main character of this story, not just a setting. We will be shooting inside the walled fort that surrounds Cartagena and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In order to make this happen we are looking for investors that  are committed to being a part of this truly unique international production and being part of our team!


































Heavy Contrast Films is in post-production for the film "Rebelión,"  which was shot entirely on location in Cartagena, Colombia. With principal photography completed this  March, we are continuing to seek investors to join us in making this project the best it can be.


Check back for more updates and progress as the film approaches completion.


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We have included some screen shots from the footage here!


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