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Damien P. Coor

Damien Coor has been working in short form film, commercials and music videos for close to a decade. Damien has the practical skills as well as the theoretical skills to bring a creative and analytical approach to storytelling and film making. He is a trained ARRI Alexa Technician and has worked with three Sundance Award Winners on various projects, including Bradford Young- a fellow Howard MFA alumnus. Damien is the in house Director of Photography as well as the Executive Producer for Heavy Contrast Film Productions. Having been a part of starting two successful businesses in the past, Damien has a strong grasp for gaining and keeping a diverse clientele. Additionally, he is an experienced camera man and steadicam operator who has worked for companies like National Geographic, Centric, BET, CNN, and NBA TV. He is well versed with the RED, ARRI Alexa, 16mm and 35mm cameras, the Canon DSLR's and Cinema cameras, plus the Sony cinema series and ENG cameras and is equally as adept on his smartphone's camera. 


Also, Damien loves the beach and has been teaching, training and playing Capoeira for 14 years.

Jami E. Ramberan

Jami Ramberan is currently a professor of Television Production at Howard University and a Media and Film Instructor at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. She holds a MA in Film and Media Studies from The New School in addition to an MFA in Film Directing from Howard University. Jami has worked as a video and film director for the past six years in which she has directed and assistant directed several music videos, commercials and short films including a campaign commercial for Barack Obama that aired in Times Square in 2007. She has produced a commercial for the luxury timepiece NKIRU watches in conjunction with Audi and Rush Philanthropic, founded by Russell and Danny Simmons. She co-produced a provocative video on Sean Bell with award winning songwriter Aurora Nonas Barnes and produced a documentary on prison abuse. Jami is the Co-Producer and Director of ENF Rangers, a kids media program that promotes multicultural youth to protect the environment. Jami seeks to work on projects that inject a message of social change into the center of popular consciousness. 


Also, Jami is a former lacrosse player who can play 5 instruments.

Carl Punhal

Carl has a diverse background in film production, having gotten into the business accidentally. He holds a BBA from University of Michigan Ross School of Business and worked in Hollywood for 8 years learning the financial aspect of film making. He managed to produce three short films and even acted as a location scout and associate producer for a few large commercial spots. Still, his ability to understand the aspects of organization necessary to have a successful production are paramount to our team. Carl has been influenced by the work of the Weintsein Brothers and models himself after some of the executives he worked under years ago. Both a go-getter and a straight-shooter, Carl is deal-closer.


Also, Carl is from Minas Gerais, Brazil and speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and Soccer

Isiah Donte Lee

Donté Lee is an award winning cinematographer specializing in narrative, commercial, music video and documentary work. He studied at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a concentration in Cinematography. Donté strives to create images that evoke emotion and reinforce the thematic elements of the content they are attached to. He has served as director of photography on over 30 projects, including the Howard University short film JUMP, winner of the best student short film at the 2013 Hollywood Black Film Festival. Donté is well versed in just about every digital camera system as well as 35mm and 16mm film.

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